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It is a representative of the representative of the Douro region.

The wine is dark ruby red. The first thing that enters the nose is a pleasant floral fragrance, with the ripe wild red around it. The aroma of wild fruit and the elegant spice.

On the palate, the balance is excellent, the overall structure is rigorous, the structure is firm, the tannins are exquisite and high-grade, the fragrance is lasting and elegant, and the drink is still not enough.



Old vines, using 25 to 35 different grape varieties.

Ageing: about 18 months, 85% for French oak barrels and 15% for American oak barrels.

The wine is dark ruby red. The aroma is rich and unrestrained, and the rose flower has a distinct taste, accompanied by a hint of berry.

The palate is fresh and elegant, solemn and charming, full of texture, with fresh berry flavor, smooth tannins, balanced mouthfeel and long aftertaste.


Ginja d' Alcobaça

Portuguese coast, Alcoubassa; public shore cluster Hill, Wenqingqing and; Heavenly divine power, cherry tree with gifts; take fruit

Brewing, sweet pulp incense.



From the Middle Ages, eight hundred years of ancient law.

In Europe, red wine and bread since ancient times symbolized Christ's blood and flesh. Especially in the ancient medieval times, in order to prove the spread of the teachings of the law, the monks pick a good grape excellent quality of wine. Among them, the most outstanding is undoubtedly the Portuguese celestial monastery priest who brewed the wine (Monges de Cister), the monks of the unique process coupled with the Portuguese local unique weather conditions make Portugal red wine in Europe fame. The wine-making skills of the town have been passed on from generation to generation in Oreborg, Portugal, until eight hundred years later. Under the double certification of the European Food Safety Assurance Control System (HACCP) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO9001) The world.



CARVALHELHOS from Bessa parish 800 metersabove sea level in the town of Barroso, on the eastern side of Barroso Hill,under the Botticas region, 35 kilometers away from Chavez City. In the local legend, the more effective treatment of diseases of the St. Caldas spring that is derived from here, according to legend, the sister injured foot on  the  mountain, skin damaged, she saw spring in there ,and wanted to use spring water, but the results is she falled spring  and the wound is gone, new skin appeared. Since then,  the  sister became the mark of brand . In  view of  the medicinal value of water springs, after taking a long time  constant   water-based features, creating awater quality outstanding water quality. After multiple tests, surface water through two hundred years of rock formation to form such a unique spring water.